transamerica trail

My Summer of 2013: Cycling the distance between Washington D.C. and Seattle

On my TransAm blog you’ll find many photos and stories about me cycling across the US back in 2013. And about the people I met and biked with. The following text and pictures will give you an idea what it was all about:

Between June 19th and September 14th I crossed the United States East to West on my bicycle. The TransAmerica Trail is a coast-to-coast cycle route that was setup by the Adventure Cycling Association to celebrate the 1976 U.S. Bicentennial. Between the 2013-10-08_2893_internetstarting point in Yorktown at the Atlantic Coast and the finish in Seaside at the Pacific Coast the route follows a trail through Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Oregon. My own journey began in Washington D.C. and I picked up the 1234021_1381790022050444_2051701845_nTransAm at the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. About 6800 km later I found myself at the other side of the continent in Newport, Oregon.

It speaks for itself that many memorable moments are connected to those kilometers. Before my flight to the States I said that I was looking forward to three things: cycling through some wonderful American landscapes, meeting many interesting people along the road, and taking lots of photos. All three of those wishes were more than fulfilled. In Lander, Wyoming something memorable happened: a group of ten touring cyclists was formed and we more or less sticked together for the rest of the TransAm. Those weeks that I rode together with Sara & Pedro, Eric, Jeanné & Kevin, Liz, Garry, Evan and last but not least Annie were glorious. This is what I wrote on my blog as a conclusion to my bicycle tour:

This trip was in so many ways unique. It was by far my longest one untill now, it was my first bicycle trip out of Europe, the first time that I traveled on my own,… Lets just keep things simple and say that it was an unforgettable journey. The United States were beautiful and this not only in terms of nature. To this point I am still surprised about the generosity of many people I met during those three months and I owe many thanks to a lot of persons. Thank You! […] During the first six weeks I was traveling at an ever faster pace as my shape got better and better. I guess I was slowly turning into an endorphin junkie when I met Sara, Pedro and Joe again in Jeffrey City. :) The next day I raced to Lander with Joe. It was a great experience and he nearly lured me into 2014-05-20_-3_internetriding the rest of the TransAm together. But I am so happy now that I chose to slow down a bit and travel the rest of my journey with a group of newly made friends. My first 35 days I was riding about 128km a day, the next 27 days I did 87km on average. How does that saying go again? “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


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