Who am I? Maarten Vanhaverbeke, born in 1984, living in Gent, Belgium. Historian by name, bicycle mechanic by deed, aspiring photographer by mind. Every once in a while I get to complete one of my traveling dreams – with or without my bicycle.

2014-05-18__internetA little too short? It’s all true though. Except for one thing: I don’t live in Gent anymore. Since I’m traveling for the moment all my non-essential belongings are stored at my parents house in Brakel (by the way, check out their B&B). But for now Gent is still the place I’d call home I guess. Just like many others I stayed in the city after finishing university. So there’s the Historian part. Of course that thing called “the labour market” wasn’t waiting for another one of those guys. Hence the Bicycle Mechanic. Don’t be mistaken: I have no regrets whatsoever. I studied what I wanted and I love repairing bicycles for a living. Over the years photography has become an important part of my life. You’ll never catch me without a camera these days. A photographer? Yes I am! Traveling dreams, who doesn’t have them? The clue is to complete them. As for me, every once in a while I grab my essential belongings, pack them onto my bicycle and start cycling. Some call it bicycle touring, I call it life. My name is Maarten and I am a 29-year-old Belgian.

Well, I’m actually young. But when I typed “29 year young” WordPress gave me a cliché warning. Good heavens! We can’t have clichés in a travel blog, can we?! I was further advised to “Try revising the meaning of this phrase using your own words. It will make a stronger impact on your reader.” I guess I’ll just settle for being old. But young.




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