a video!

Long time no post (five months, really?!). Here’s a music video Annie made for Dr.How and the Reasons to Live using my GoPro footage. Ready for a roller coaster bike ride across Canada?!



national parks galore – jasper to radium hot springs


Jasper NP, Icefield Parkway, Columbia Icefield, Sunwapta Pass, Bow Pass, Banff NP, Lake Louise, Fairview Mountain, Bow Valley Parkway, Vermillon Pass, Kootenay NP, Continental Divide, British Columbia, Sinclair Pass, Radium Hot Springs…

Rocky Mountains!  A six-day cycling dream, enjoy.

two friends on a bridge – a flashback


Today a dear friend of me flies to the US for a three-month hike on the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon and Washington. I think the first time our paths really crossed was in the second year of highschool, working together on an assignment. We had to write and draw one page of a comic book story. As I remember we made something about a military battle around the Panama Canal in what I guess was some sort of World War III context. I’m actually wondering now what our teacher thought of that scenario. The things thirteen year old kids will come up with. That nuclear holocaust never came, but we stayed friends over the years. In the photo above you can see the eighteen year old versions of us in 2002, having a rest on a bridge in France on our Cévenol hiking trip. It’s a blurry scan of a disposable camera picture, but it’s one of my favorites. Now we’re both thirty, time flew by again. I don’t have a clue what we were talking about on that bridge, but I’m sure we’ve both succeeded to keep the spirit of such moments alive. Koen, all the luck on your journey. Break a leg, or whatever the appropriate wish for hikers might be.
p.s.: I’ll follow you on your You Gotta Move page, so you’d better not give up on posting things like I did last year on my  TransAm blog :p. And who knows, maybe we’ll really get to meet each other in Manning Park somewhere in September!